An inside spread of the 2013 Graduation Program for Primavera Online High School. I used vellum paper on some pages to add a touch of class to the class of 2013.
 A promotional poster to be shared with local schools.
 A middle school postcard sent to students who have enrolled in the spring, but have yet to for the fall.
 The Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards is a state-wide standardized test that is required in order to graduate. This postcard included information for testing, resources, and assistance.
 Many of Primavera Online's students live in bilingual families. Thus, we often created bilingual promotional materials such as this bi-fold brochure.
 A great place to promote the convenience of online high school is at big local events like concerts and sporting arenas. These little handouts are easy to carry and have all the important information you would need to get the enrollment process rolling.
 Here you can see both sides of the handout.
 These flyers were passed out to all Primavera students upon enrollment. All students are encouraged to get involved, and this flyer helped them see what was available and how to get more information.
 The Primavera van is important not only for transporting the marketing team to events, but also in picking up students who might not have transportation to important events or even testing locations.
 Here is another angle of my van design.
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